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About Nebulas

Founded in June of 2019, Nebulas is an open-source public blockchain project. Nebulas' goal is the creation of an Autonomous Metanet that focuses on complex data interactions and collaborative relationships with blockchain as the foundation of the system. By providing a positively motivating and self-evolving Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), we are creating an ecosystem that all can benefit fairy from decentralized collaboration. Since the launch of the Nebulas mainnet, over 36,000 users and 270,000 accounts have been created and utilized on Nebulas. For more information, please visit the official website at

What is the Community Collaboration Platform?

Nebulas' Community Collaboration Platform ( was launched on March 25, 2019, with the intention to explore a new collaboration model. It aims to reduce the difficulty level of community participation, inject new ideas, creativity and to have others help with the continued construction of Nebulas. On the Go.nebulas platform, community members can make their own recommendations for new and existing projects, participate in proposals and monitor the ongoing development process of all active projects. Nebulas' latest on-chain governance model innovation and token economy will also be launched on the community collaboration platform.

Project types

The Go.nebulas platform divides projects into three different categories based on their goals and roles within the ecosystem. In addition, each project can be identified by specific icons depending on their category.